Case Management Services

Ryan White Part A Case Management

The HIV/AIDS Services program brings hope to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Through case management programs such as Ryan White, individuals living in   Region II receive care coordination, medication, housing, utility, food, dental and transportation assistance. Our Benefits Specialist program provides assistance with applying for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, patient assistance programs, food stamps, and unemployment benefits. Mental health and substance abuse services are offered as well as a support group just for men living with HIV/AIDS and the transgender population.

Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI)

Provides intensive medical case management to recently diagnosed HIV consumers or to those that know their positive HIV status and have not accessed medical care services in at least 6 months or greater by utilizing MAI funding. The program specifically targets African Americans and Latinos who are homeless, have substance abuse issues, mental health issues, formerly incarcerated and Men who have sex with men. Clients, also, receive transportation and housing assistance while enrolled in MAI.

Peer Advocates

The Peer Advocates meet with clients to foster a relationship and help the clients cope with their diagnosis. Clients are linked to medical care and medical case management. The Advocates provide the clients with information on living with HIV disease, discuss the benefits of entering and remaining in care, provide guidance on how to navigate the system of care and how to obtain needed services.

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