Facebook Terms of Use/Community Guidelines

Volunteers of America encourages all of our online friends to comment and "post" on our Facebook page. We strive to manage a positive online space where our constituents can feel free to express themselves. We understand that some conversations around articles, blog posts, events, videos, organizational initiatives and other content on this page or linked to this page can create strong opinions which can lead to debates and passionate responses.

For that reason, when comments or posts descend into derogatory remarks, personal attacks, inappropriate content or confusing streams of irrelevant content, we reserve the right to remove comments on our pages.

We will immediately delete, without notice, comments and posts, that:

  • Are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or contain racially, ethnically or similarly objectionable content
  • Are personal attacks, including name-calling or celebrations of another person's misfortune
  • Are injurious to the reputations or privacy of Volunteers of America staff, volunteers and clients
  • Are false statements or unrelated to Volunteers of America programs and ministry
  • Contain advertising or spam
  • Are incomprehensible or do not contribute to reasonable dialogue
  • Are disruptive, including personal conversations better suited for private messaging
  • Violate any of Facebook's Terms of Use and Code of Conduct

Constant or extreme violations of Volunteers of America's Facebook community rules will cause a commenter to be "un-friended," blocking them from making future posts or comments on the Facebook page. In cases of extreme abuse, Volunteers of America will report violations to Facebook and permanently ban offenders from the Facebook page. We are looking forward to your thoughtful, respectful and constructive dialogue on our page. Thanks for being our friend!