Our Ministers

Volunteers of America South Central Louisiana has 15 ministers throughout our organization.  Ministers go through extensive training and mentoring sessions in order to become commissioned. To become a minister of Volunteers of America you must accept the doctrinal teachings of the church, support the mission of the organization and be an employee or a long-term volunteer. Our ministers organize and lead worship experiences for consumers and staff, provide pastoral care to those in need and participate in religious activities in the community. Ministers help provide clients, volunteers, staff and the community the experience of compassion, love and the healing presence of God. 

Volunteers of America, an inter-denominational Christian church, has established the position of Agency Chaplain to help guide the organization in the principles upon which the organization was founded.  The Agency Chaplain helps to develop and train ministers in our affiliate as well as  deepen the sense of community in Volunteers of America.  Throughout the organization there are quarterly worship services and spiritual celebrations, which are led by ministers of our agency.

Our Agency Chaplain also provides spiritual guidance and knowledge-based resources to the organization's ministers and professional staff related to meeting the spiritual needs of clients, especially those experiencing special challenges or disabilities. 

List of our current Ministers & their contact information: 

1. Eboness Black - eblack@voagbr.org

2. Stacie Comeaux - scomeaux@voa-acadiana.org

3. Gwen Hasling - ghasling@voa-acadiana.org

4. Dave Kneipp - dkneipp@voagbr.org

5. Terri Price - terriprice61@yahoo.com

6. Effie Toliver - etoliver@voagbr.org

7. Holli Trahan-Rowzee - htowzee@voa-acadiana.org

8. Debra Williams - vye5338@gmail.com

9. Marlon Parker - mparker@voagbr.org

10. Damian Williams - dwilliams@voa-acadiana.org

11.  Mazie Williams - mpilette@voa-acadiana.org

12. Terry Anderson - tanderson@voagbr.org

For more information on our Ministry Services, contact our Chaplain.

Bessie Senette, Ordained Minister Bsenette@voagbr.org

Volunteers of America South Central Louisiana

Agency Chaplain