Spiritual Care & Emotional Support

Our mission statement, calling us to “reach and uplift ALL people,” makes no distinctions about socio-economic status, past behavior or level of intellectual or emotional functioning in helping our fellow human beings to reach their full potential physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. Because of our unique identity as both church and service provider, Volunteers of America has a special responsibility to ensure that the spiritual needs and goals of those we serve are addressed.  

The Chaplain and ministers of Volunteers of America offer spiritual care and emotional support for clients, staff and their families in ways that respect your culture, religious beliefs and practices and your privacy.  In no way are we here to convert you to a certain religious belief. We're here to walk with you on your journey, offering a supportive ear and an open heart.  We will rejoice with you in good news or help you cope when the news is not so good. We are here to help you find strength and hope by helping you draw on your own spiritual resources.