• A Chance at Independence

    Helping a person reach their highest potential is just one example of the work we do at Volunteers of America. Watch Karen's journey to a fulfilled life of independence.

  • Joyce & Bernard

    Joyce is thriving after her AIDS diagnosis thanks to her own personal strength and support from Volunteers of America. As a client advocate at Volunteers of America, Bernard helps people every day who are also living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Erika

    Erika, an army veteran, had to choose between losing her business or her home after her divorce. Living in a hotel with her 3 kids, she couldn’t save enough to pay for a deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment. Volunteers of America and United Way made a small investment in her family, and now they are thriving.

  • Lila

    Lila and her husband have a passion for educating young children. Volunteers of America’s Partnerships in Child Care programs with funding from United Way gave Lila and her staff the training and technical assistance they needed to make their child care center extraordinary.

  • Lillie

    Lillie needed a safe, affordable place to live and found a special community at Oak Park Plaza. Thanks to a partnership with United Way, Lillie was able to receive extra help with she got breast cancer.

  • Hearts of Hope


  • Celebration for Change 2014-Second Chances


  • A Place of Hope

    This video premiered at our 2012 Celebration for Change at the Manship Theatre. Beth McAdams has lived in our Westmoreland Community Home for over 10 years and proudly works in our pre-vocational Day Program. Since coming to Volunteers of America, Beth has developed goals for her future and has a purpose in life. Volunteers of America has become part of Beth’s family and will continue to be by her side, helping her and her family make plans for her future.

  • A Ministry of Service Strengthens a Family

    This video premiered at our 2011 Celebration for Change on May 11 at the Manship Theatre. The first part of the video introduces you to Jason, a single dad of four young girls, who was saved from the brink of homelessness through his own determination and the help of our Housing First Supportive Housing program. The second half of the video shows how Volunteers of America staff in Baton Rouge and Memphis collaborated to help this family weather the storm.

  • Two Stories of Need and Hope

    This video premiered at our 2009 Celebration for Change at the Manship Theatre. Volunteers of America’s The Reilly Center for Children and Families helps abused and neglected children heal from past trauma. The first story tells how James and Cristina opened their home and their heart to Jeremiah, an infant with special needs. Kirsten, a child who lives at Parker House, is receiving treatment while waiting for her own forever family.