Code of Ethics

Volunteers of America South Central Louisiana, Inc.

Volunteers of America is founded on and guided by Christian principles. With this foundation the following Code of Ethics has been developed to be consistent with the values that drive these principles. All employees are responsible for conducting themselves in conformance with this code.

I will be conscious of the fact that everything I do, directly or indirectly, has the potential to reflect upon Volunteers of America as a whole.

I will conduct myself at all times with openness, forthrightness, and honesty in dealing with people and organizations, both internally and externally.

I will hold myself to the highest possible standard of conduct reflective of the work that I do, striving always to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

I will treat everyone with dignity, worth, respect, concern, courtesy and fairness.

I will be sensitive to and seek solutions for all instances of discrimination and social injustice that I observe.

I will respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

I will exercise prudent stewardship of all Volunteers of America resources.

I will avoid all conflict of interest relationships with board members, staff, suppliers, those we serve, and other organizations with whom I deal, unless disclosed and approved.

I will accept no gifts or favors that might influence the performance of my responsibilities.

I will also adhere to and comply with the defined standards of conduct of my own profession.

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