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    Housing & Homeless Services

    The Outreach program partners with a broad range of service providers to meet the needs of its homeless participants.

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    School Readiness Tax Credit

    LA businesses can earn a 100% refundable tax credit by supporting early childhood education.

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    Reilly Counseling Center

    Reilly Counseling Center offers individual, family, support group, and child therapies by licensed clinical staff trained in multiple evidence-based therapies, as well as trainings and workshops to the community.

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We have always been and always will be here to help the most vulnerable. Our work touches the body, mind and spirit of the people we serve.

  • 37,659

    People served last year throughout Greater Baton Rouge, Acadiana, Southwest, and Central Louisiana.

  • 1,911

    Volunteers contributed more than 4,640 hours of service to our programs last year.

  • 89ยข

    89 cents out of every dollar supports community services for people in need.