Dave Kneipp

Mr. Dave (Dave) Kneipp was named President & CEO of VOASCLA in July of 2019.   Mr. Kneipp has extensive leadership experience and expertise in finance and operations for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. His career started in the early 80’s at Guaranty Bank where he served as Vice President of Commercial Lending until he purchased Acadian Travel agency where he served as CEO until selling the company. As Director of Administration at Our Lady of Mercy Parish for over 5 years he was a source of hope for many who fled to Baton Rouge after Katrina and resided at the church hall in the aftermath of the storm. His caring spirit and firm values has made him a respected man of faith and a strong leader in this community.

Mr. Kneipp has worked in several large industries spanning his almost 40-year career and has overseen accounting and operations processes during most of this time. At Genesis Energy, Dave led a team that created innovative strategies for accounting functions, Human Resources, and IT roles while negotiating service agreements and realizing significant cost savings. His leadership of the Refinery Services group helped grow that division’s profits even during challenging economic times. He is known for his goal-oriented personality, strong work ethic and caring genuine spirit.

The Baton Rouge resident received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Centenary College in Shreveport, La. and is a graduate of the ABA Stonier School of Banking.

Contact Mr. Kneipp:
(225) 387-0061

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