Leave a Legacy With a Planned Gift

The Ballington and Maud Booth Legacy Society is named for the visionary couple who founded Volunteers of America in 1896 with a promise to “go wherever we are needed, and do whatever comes to hand” to serve people in need.

Planned Gift to Volunteers of America can help you manage your personal financial plan and extend your ability to help others for generations.  Your contribution is a promise to the future of your community and may offer you and your family significant tax savings and other financial benefits.

Make Your Mark With a Gift for the Future

There are many ways to become a member of the Ballington and Maud Booth Legacy Society, and there are no minimum giving requirements.  Working with your estate planning professional, you may choose to:

  • Name Volunteers of America in your will.
  • Make a gift of stock, real estate or other assets.
  • Include Volunteers of America as beneficiary of a portion of your IRA or other retirement plan.
  • Create a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust that will also benefit you and your heirs.
  • Purchase an insurance policy, or revise an existing policy, to name Volunteers of America as the beneficiary.
  • Contribute to Volunteers of America in exchange for a charitable gift annuity that provides current tax benefits and guaranteed income for your retirement.

For more information on leaving a legacy through Family Fund or Planned Gift, please contact Shannon Abney, Vice-President and Chief Development Officer at (225) 408-3794 or by email shannon.abney@voascla.org.

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