Residential Services

Verniessia Brown

7389 Florida Blvd, Suite 101A, Baton Rouge, LA 70806-4657

Many individuals with developmental disabilities are able to live independently in the community with support. In Baton Rouge, Residential Services is comprised of two community homes which provide continuity of care to 14 adults diagnosed with various developmental delays. Our homes are located in residential areas of the community, and the residents participate in day programs or work during the day. Our main goals are to care for the residents’ basic needs and foster their independence in a pleasant environment that truly becomes their home and allows them to remain connected to the community.

Our residential homes provide 24-hour supervision by trained support staff. The professional staff respond to the self-care needs of the residents by training them to be self-sufficient and independent to the extent of their capabilities. Living on their own helps the individual achieve independence by gaining life skills, receiving health and safety education, and through community integration.

It is our commitment to enhance the quality of life for all the residents in our care. For many of our residents, Volunteers of America will be “home” for the remainder of their life span and, for others, will be a place where they gain life and self-care skills that will allow them to move on to supported independent living in their own apartments or with their families.

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