Supported Living Services

7389 Florida Blvd. , Ste 101A, Baton Rouge, LA 70806-4657

Volunteers of America offers a range of care to adults with developmental disabilities, depending on the need of the individual. Individuals are encouraged to live as independently as possible within the community. Supports are provided by Direct Support Professionals who help the individual with daily living skills within their own homes. These individuals are enrolled in Waiver programs.

Volunteers of America can be involved in the care by helping within the family home or by helping individuals develop the necessary life skills to be able to live in their own home. We empower people to live quality lives by promoting personal choice and participation in their communities. Money management, job development skills and assistance with establishing friendships are only a few ways we assist individuals with successful living in their community. Other forms of assistance may include helping with nutrition/health, household chores, and transportation to medical appointments.


Kimberly Stringer
Phone: (225) 228-2697

Emily Kelly
Phone: (225) 228-2690

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