Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) (Acadiana)

Assertive Community Treatment is an evidence-based mental health service delivery model for assistance in community living, psychological rehabilitation, and recovery for persons who have the most severe and persistent mental illnesses and have not benefited from conventional outpatient programs. The ACT team is mobile and delivers services in community locations to enable each individual to find and live in their own residence and find and maintain work in community jobs. Services are delivered by a group of multidisciplinary mental health staff who work as a team and provide the treatment, rehabilitation, and support service individuals need to achieve their goals. The team includes a team leader, psychiatrist, mental health professional, housing specialist, vocational specialist, and a peer support professional. If the individual does not have Medicaid benefits, referrals must be received by one of the clinics operated by the Acadiana Area Human Services District. If the individual has Medicaid, referrals are accepted from all providers of mental health services including self-referral. To qualify for ACT, individuals must have significant functional impairments as a result of a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorder, several acute psychiatric hospital stays, high risk or recent history of criminal justice involvement, and/or significant difficulty with basic living skills.

For more information, contact Jessica Fontenot

Phone: (337) 291-1137 . Email: jessica.fontenot@voascla.orrg

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