Day Habilitation Center

Day Habilitation Center For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The Volunteers of America South Central Louisiana Day Center provides personal growth, recreation, and social programs for individuals with diverse disabilities. We provide an environment that promotes strength and growth in all aspects of life. Activities offered are used as tools to increase motivation, improve life skills, build self-esteem and create opportunities for social interactions. Our programs enable individuals of all abilities, through individualized goals and objectives, to improve his/her quality of life. Through increased independence, our safe and supportive environments provide participants with unique experiences and creative learning opportunities.

The Day Center will strive to provide tailored services that provide the individual with training and support, guiding individuals in the development of the skills necessary to achieve life goals. Day Center participants can explore volunteer placement, learning, and connecting with the community by leading an integrated and inclusive life. Every participant at our Day Center has an individualized program designed to address his or her specific needs. These needs are addressed through a variety of activities with incorporate coordination, body awareness, strength, endurance, and focus. This unique blending of sensory movement and activities, exercise, and social settings allows for improved physical well-being and increased confidence.

Day Habilitation Center Program Director • Emily Kelly

Phone: (225) 228-2690 . Email:

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