Drop-In, Outreach, and Referral Services (DORS)

The Drop-In, Outreach, and Referral Services (DORS) program serve adults with a mental illness or those with an intellectual disability. Services include linkages to resources based on them to assist in basic needs and referrals to long-term behavioral health and/or intellectual disability services.

Eligible individuals will have access to the drop-in center, which offers temporary (or interim) case management services, opportunities to engage in positive social interaction, recreation, one-on-one, and small group psychoeducational, and life skills training, as well as, other services designed to improve quality of life. It serves as a place of contact and support for individuals who are in the early stage of treatment and/or need assistance acquiring necessary records and/or vital documentation for referrals to long term behavioral health services, intellectual disability services, applications for government benefits, and housing, and entering into services with treatment providers.

For more information, contact Danielle Frilot

Phone: (337) 564-3212 . Email: danielle.frilot@voascla.org

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